Marie Harnett, ‘Costume Party’, 2015, Alan Cristea Gallery

About Marie Harnett

In her black-and-white prints and pencil drawings of scenes from popular films, Marie Harnett examines the potential of images to create an emotional response. Harnett predominantly uses recent films, such as American Hustle (2013) and Brideshead Revisited (2008), as her source imagery. She draws characters from the films in moments frozen in time, and forces their bodies and faces to become the source of drama and meaning by removing music, color, and dialogue—the conventional dramatic tools of cinema. Harnett maintains a bank of film trailers that she watches without audio and then selects stills to draw based on their potential to resonate outside the limited narrative of the movie. “I like all the images to connect together and balance,” she has said. “I always try to portray a few themes with my drawings, not a strict narrative but a sense of story and emotion.”

British, b. 1983