Marie Navarre, ‘season of longing’, 2016, Lisa Sette Gallery

About Marie Navarre

Marie Navarre uses art as a tool to capture what she calls “a felt knowledge,” while exploring the paradox of a creating a fixed image of our ever-changing world. The Tempe, Arizona-based photographer and mixed-media artist creates intricate assemblages that begin as traditional film and darkroom photographs, which she then embellishes with paper, film, thread, ink, and found objects. “I have this trouble of being a photographer but wanting to make the photographs into something else,” Navarre has said. “I still think like a photographer even though in some ways I’m sabotaging the way that photography works. I still begin my art-making process by making pictures. I don’t know how to begin without the photograph.” Recent works have been inspired by her interest in poetry and her desire to make tangible the moments that often go unnoticed.

American, based in Tempe, Arizona