Marie Paule Deville Chabrolle, ‘Mélancolie’, 1996, Galerie de Souzy

Signature: Signed and numbered 2/8

Manufacturer: Foundry Delval

About Marie Paule Deville Chabrolle

Viewing art-making as a personal adventure, Marie Paule Deville Chabrolle sculpts bronze figures grounded in passion, grace, and femininity. Synthesizing experiences and elements of her personal history—a childhood in Morocco, a fascination with Khmer sculptures, an education in Cambodia, and present-day life in France—Chabrolle’s art is rooted in memories, set in a suspended or atemporal setting. Sculpting based on emotion rather than real-life visuals, Chabrolle favors nudes for their fragility and raw physicality, as opposed to their sexuality, resulting in strong, modest, and occasionally melancholic figures. In addition to sculpture, Chabrolle also draws with sanguine, a natural red pigment, and incorporates gold leafing, juxtaposing hard and soft, and the transient qualities of chalk with the permanence of metal.

French, b. 1952