Marilina Marchica, ‘Blue Landscape’, 2016-2017, Art Acacia

Marilina Marchica is an Italian artist who sets her major creative focus with urban architecture and landscape. Inspired by surrounding cityscapes and nature of Sicily, Marilina works with segments and individual parts of landscapes. She de-contextualizes them from original environments and offers a new way of seeing ordinary things. In this way she discovers new forms and different meanings. Through the artist’s minimalism abstract paintings, the viewer travels through feelings of unknown places and abandoned spots of their own memory. Marilina Marchica is interested in different shades of reality, landscapes and cities that day after day witness events and welcome individuals. Signs of the past are constantly changing. The color tones of her works are often white and gray. They also sometimes have red accents which bring an intimate sense of belonging to places. The horizon line in her artworks balances order and disorder, chaos and cosmos.

Image rights: Marilina Marchica

About Marilina Marchica

Italian, b. 1984, Agrigento, Italy, based in Agrigento, Italy

Solo Shows

L'Altra Arte, 
Agrigento, Italy,
North Sensation South

Group Shows

Fondazione Bracco, 
Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy,
La terra nutre il pianeta
Center Audio Concepts, 
Boston, MA, United States,
De Colores
Museo Civico di Arte Industriale Bargellini, 
Bologna, Italy,
Eternepartenze - Rassegna Internazionale della creatività nel presente