Marinella Senatore, ‘Variations Script #6’, 2013, Laveronica Arte Contemporanea

About Marinella Senatore

Inspired by the language of cinema and everyday narratives, Marinella Senatore facilitates participatory artworks that emphasize storytelling, shared narratives, and the fostering of community. More interested in process than outcome, Senatore allows the audience to control her works’ final outcomes, thereby reshaping the traditional roles of artist as author and the public as recipient. Encompassing photography, drawing, audio, installation, video, and live performance, her practice expanded to include participatory artworks in 2006. Her multidisciplinary works include the filmed opera Rosas, which involved 20,000 people from Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom who ranged from professional dancers to carpenters and art students. Reflecting her interest in ordinary interactions, her four-episode film Variations portrays exchanges between neighborhood characters on New York’s Lower East Side. In 2013, Senatore founded the School of Narrative Dance, a free, roving workshop series focused on storytelling and skill-sharing.

Italian, b. 1977, Cava dei Tirreni, Italy, based in London & Berlin