Mario Arlati, ‘Opera Trapos Amarillo ’, 2013, Contini Art UK

About Mario Arlati

Born in Milan in 1947, Mario Arlati received his formal artistic training at the Castello Sforzesco Art School. Following his study here, Arlati initially pursued a purely figurative style within his works. However, it was upon discovering a life in Ibiza in the late 1960's that his artistry truly emerged. Here, in the smallest of the Balearic Islands, Mario Arlati came to develop the uniquely informal and textural style that he is now recognised for the world over. Inspired by the textured walls of Ibiza’s buildings, Mario Arlati’s work reflects the narrative of the environment from which they originated. Through the relationship between his gestural mark making and considered implications of color, Arlati presents his subjects as a living source, revealing the transitional nature of the Mediterranean's sunlit spaces.

— Submitted by Contini Art UK

Italian, b. 1947, Milan, Italy, based in Ibiza, Spain