Mario Dellavedova, ‘Buonanotte’, 2008, Mazzoli

About Mario Dellavedova

Mario Dellavedova’s media-spanning practice explores both the conventions of artistic exhibition spaces and the category of the artist. In his text-based works, many of them neon, Dellavedova re-creates signage that appears in museums, galleries, and stores, such as “Please Do Not Touch the Works on Display” or “Good-bye and Thank You,” elevating the banal displays that surround art to the artistic realm. In other works, the artist addresses production. Dividing his time between Mexico and Italy, Dellavedova frequently works with artisans creating metallic works or paintings, reconciling his conceptual investigations with formal artisanal production.

Italian, b. 1958, Legnano, Italy, based in Taxco, Mexico