Mario García Torres, ‘Segundo apunte hacia una clasificación gastronómica de la Casa-Estudio Luis Barragán’, 2010, Taka Ishii Gallery

About Mario García Torres

Mario García Torres describes himself as a conceptual artist who makes work about the history of conceptual art. He uses several media—including photography, film, performance, and printed matter—to reprise or respond to past works of other artists. As he explains, “my work doesn’t really become a remake of the conceptual story but more like a second rehearsal.” For example, in the aptly titled exhibition “Until It Makes Sense” (2013) at Dublin’s Project Arts Centre, Torres presented pieces based on works by Robert Barry, John Baldessari, Alighiero Boetti, as well as his own former projects.

Mexican, b. 1975, Monclova, Mexico, based in Mexico City, Mexico