Mario Sorrenti, ‘Kate Moss  (From the Kate Moss Portfolio published by Danziger Gallery)’, 1993, Danziger Gallery

This photograph is part of the Kate Moss Portfolio. View the whole portfolio by clicking here.

Each box contains eleven pigment prints, signed by the photographer.
Signed on the colophon by Kate Moss
Box and design by Ruth Ansel
Printing by Adamson Editions

Series: Kate Moss Portfolio

About Mario Sorrenti

Fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti is best known for his serenely sensual nude portraits. Sorrenti first rose to prominence in 1993, shooting an iconic campaign for Calvin Klein that featured the model (and his then-girlfriend) Kate Moss. Sorrenti's images have since appeared in magazines such as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. Sorrenti is interested in the immediacy and simplicity of the nude. “I focus on and tune into whatever it may be that seems to be quite powerful in that person at the moment,” he has said. “The essential part of who they are as a person, that's what I focus on.”

American, b. Italian, October 24, 1971, Naples, Italy, based in New York, New York