Marisa Howenstine, ‘From Cover to Cover’, 2008, KM Fine Arts

About Marisa Howenstine

Marisa Howenstine’s conceptual photographs feature imaginary characters in humorous or provocative scenarios, or suspended in moments full of dramatic tension and ambiguity. Often focusing on women in domestic situations gone awry, Howenstine is interested in portraying magical realism and the absurd. In Dirty Laundry (2013), a housewife appears to iron her husband’s entire body to a board, while in Girl with Curious Hair (2013) a menacing girl with wild hair, dressed in gothic attire, stands amid a floor strewn with cut hair and suspended birdcages and scissors. “My work is a compilation of conceptual photographs, which explore the fertile ground of psychodrama,” she has said. “I create characters that demand to express their own reality.”

American, based in Los Angeles, California

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