Marissa Robin Abendaño, ‘Make A Wish ’, 2016, Estella Gallery

In her current series of paintings, Robin uses gestural brushstrokes which she likens to casting a fishing line or the motion of conductor’s baton. The series toes the line between abstract and representational. Her color palette is restrained yet bold. She uses red to represent desire, light, love, knowledge and power; white to show beauty, innocence, purity, peace and joy. Robin says “Black is what we do in the world, our decisions and actions.”
"The viewer will notice a wispy silhouetted self-portrait of the artist on the right side of the canvas, framed within overlapping circles which represent the seasons. The saturated red field of thick paint in the center is a heart. On the left, the negative space suggest a lion, “blowing energy into the universe."

Series: Make A Wish

Image rights: © Marissa Robin Abendaño Art

National Academy Museum, Creative Mischief 2017
Art Expo New York, April 2017

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