Marjorie Strider, ‘You Can Take Your Hat Off’, 2010, Lawrence Fine Art

Signature: Signed

Lawrence Fine Art, "Marjorie Strider: Second International Girlie Show," June 2014

About Marjorie Strider

Marjorie Strider’s three-dimensional paintings and soft-sculpture installations place the techniques of Minimalism within a Pop art milieu. Perhaps best known for her “Triptychs” (1964), inspired by images of pin-up girls, Strider’s paintings carved from wood, foam, and urethane foam placed her Pop culture subjects within a formal, medium-centered ethos. Strider was a major player in the 1960s avant-garde scene, collaborating on Happenings with Claes Oldenburg and Vito Acconci. She would later develop her own breed of Process art, saying, “purely painted or mixed media pieces done on a flat plane couldn’t give me what I wanted.” The piece Concrete (1974) consisted of the titular material being mixed, poured, and painted, while Soda Box (1973) was a painted baking soda carton that literally oozed its frothing contents from its lid.

American, 1934-2014, Guthrie, Oklahoma

Group Shows

Laguna Beach,
"Life Candy" A Group Exhibition: Featuring Marjorie Strider, Pedro Bonnin, Anthony Hunter, America Martin, Shinji Murakami, and James Verbicky