Mark Barrow, ‘Reweave 11.2’, 2016, Almine Rech

About Mark Barrow

Emerging from a laborious process that combines planar geometric abstraction with pastel hues and intricate fabric, Mark Barrow’s painted textiles earn him popular acclaim. Painting on linen hand-woven by his wife Sarah Parke, Barrow traces the textile’s abstract patterns from left to right, applying dots of paint to raised portions of the weave; the result is an effect of lyrical blocks of subtly rich color. His titles consist of three letters that variously reference words, the fabric’s design, or the painting’s composition, an allusion to the contemporary practice of disseminating information through text messages, ticker symbols, airport codes, and the like. “The titling mirrors the rest of Barrow’s process," his gallery writes. "Candid in its implementation, but variegated in its meaning.”

American, b. 1982

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