Mark Bradley-Shoup, ‘Subtle Cartography: Partial Eclipse’, 2017, David Lusk Gallery

Image rights: courtesy of David Lusk Gallery

About Mark Bradley-Shoup

Mark Bradley-Shoup’s carefully engineered, geometric paintings address, in his own words, “expansion and recession, consumption and growth.” Using intense, high-contrast tones of paint, along with masking tape, X-acto knives, and rulers, the artist constructs vaguely abstract renderings of overlooked sites such as trailers, gas stations, and dumpsters. “I believe in the construction of a painting, laying down a framework for which all subsequent layers will have support to rest upon,” says the Tennessee-born artist. This meticulous process, which in some ways recalls traditional drafting practices, mirrors Bradley-Shoup’s interest in the construction of the “monotonous” aspects of our environment, both urban and rural, and the spaces in which natural and manmade landscapes meet.


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