Mark Dean Veca, ‘Study for Liquor Mart 2’, 2014, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions: Benefit Auction 2017

Framed: 33 x 26 x 2 in.

Mark Dean Veca was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles in 1985. Veca is known for creating paintings, drawings and installations that portray surreal cartoons, psychedelic landscapes, and pop culture iconography while also being inspired by long-established decorative motifs. He is widely recognized for his all-encompassing installations that surround the viewer and incite a sense of awe. Veca has exhibited throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan at institutions such as the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, MoMA/PS 1, the Brooklyn Museum, the Bronx Museum of the Arts, and the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. His work has been reviewed in numerous publications including The New York Times, Artforum, Art in America, Art Review, Juxtapoz, and Flash Art. He currently lives in Los Angeles.
Courtesy of LACE

About Mark Dean Veca

Mark Dean Veca fuses art historical and pop cultural references in his loud, large-scale murals, ink and acrylic paintings on canvas, and drawings, often borrowing from 18th-century French toile-style patterns to produce organic forms, psychedelic landscapes, and surreal cartoons. Forms that resemble brains, intestines, and other visceral anatomical references populate his imagery, as well as cartoon characters such as Popeye and the Kellogg’s Tony the Tiger. For Phantasmagoria (2008), a site-specific installation, Veca filled a gallery space with waves of orange, red, and white abstract forms outlined in black, a design that took a year to plan and 17 days to create. “The imagery that emerges in my work seems to happen on a subconscious level; I just start improvising and that’s what comes out,” he says.

American, b. 1963, Shreveport, Louisiana, based in Los Angeles, California