Mark Francis, ‘Untitled’, 2009, Patrick De Brock Gallery

About Mark Francis

Drawing influence from scientific—often microscopic—imagery of fungi, fauna, geology, and insects, among other subjects, Mark Francis paints in an abstract vocabulary of stark color contrasts, and dots and grids that resemble cellular structures. Francis produces paintings with a wet-on-wet technique similar to the one used by Gerhard Richter, creating smooth, soft-focused images with a photo-like finish. Source (1992) depicts a blurred microscopic view of sperm-like organisms, suggesting a relationship between abstraction and microscopic technology. More recently, Francis has begun exploring mapping and astronomical formations; his intensely saturated painting Chromatic (2013), composed of vertical bands and dots of paint, refers to the graphic interpretation of data received by radio telescopes that chart distant zones of the cosmos. He is considered a major figure among the Young British Artists.

Irish, b. 1962, Newtownards, Ireland, based in London, United Kingdom