Mark Harrington, ‘Mesa II’, 2013, Heather James Fine Art

Mark Harrington was born in California in 1952. He completed his education in England where he received his degrees in Sculpture, Art History, and English Literature. His rich multi-educational background and his passion for jazz music are both echoed in his large-scale abstract paintings of horizontal bands of color made with the distinctive markers of his physical actions. At a time when abstract painting, indeed painting in general, seems on the wane, Harrington produces paintings that validate the perpetual human act of visual denotation. Investigating the interaction of color and line Harrington's large-scale abstractions focus on space and light rather than narrative or symbolic reference.

About Mark Harrington

Mark Harrington’s abstract, acrylic-on-linen works investigate the material aspects of paint as a medium. Harrington paints by covering his canvas in a thick impasto layer and then scraping away the band, leaving horizontal layers that vary in thickness and saturation of hues. Harrington filters his approach to painting through his training as a sculptor, treating acrylic as a material that is manipulated through erasure as much as it is through brushwork. The “erased” sections of paint read as negative space, creating visual rhythms and textures in conversation with the neighboring bands of paint.

American, b. 1952, Bakersfield, California, based in Bavaria