Mark Licari, ‘More Clear Thoughts Ahead’, 2008, Tamarind Institute

Publisher: Tamarind Institute

About Mark Licari

In his exuberant murals, drawings, prints, and sculptures, Mark Licari depicts the clash between nature and the manmade, and the physical transformation of humans and the world around them by decay. “Things breaking down or a transferal of energy from one thing to the next is fascinating to me,” he says. “I can see the evidence of things disordering or decaying all around me and nobody really knows why, so I do small scale low-tech research and observation around the apartment.” Licari transfers this “research” into all of his works, which are rendered loosely and burst with recurring images of everyday objects like coffee cups and telephones, as well as built structures like water towers and ships. Giant squid and other sea creatures, a host of insects, and monsters fill his compositions, devouring and transforming everything in their path.

American, b. 1975, Atlanta, Georgia, based in Los Angeles, California