Mark Lyon, ‘Dr. Lustbader DDS, Exam Room’, 2012, Elizabeth Houston Gallery

Paper Size: 30 x 42

Series: Landscapes for the People

About Mark Lyon

Mark Lyon is best known for photographing the odd juxtaposition of soothing, idyllic wallpaper patterns found in distressing or dull environments—what he considers “the strange play of the functional environment and the ideal psychological landscape.” His subjects have included generically beautiful scenes of waterfalls, mountains, forests, and fields, plastered across the walls of dentist offices, laundromats, and baggage claims. Lyon’s images are carefully cropped such that the fooled eye takes a moment to recognize that the works depict walls rather than mere landscapes. According to Lyon, “it’s unintentional Surrealism.” His other photographs have featured taxonomical animal busts crowded in small domestic spaces, and public notices or alerts.

American , b. 1979, Rochester, New York