Mark Pomilio, ‘Fractal Dance V ’, 2012, Bentley Gallery

About Mark Pomilio

To Mark Pomilio, geometry can express the idea of an organism repeating, developing, and expanding into complex forms. Accordingly, his mathematics-based, geometric paintings serve as a metaphors for naturally occurring systems of reproduction and growth. “The work is born out of my interest and desire to explore both the profound beauty of the internal mechanics of nature and current scientific methodologies surrounding developments in cloning and the life sciences,” he explains. Pomilio forms his paintings by layering and rotating repetitions of four basic shapes, which he produces with a compass and straight edge. He has no idea what his finished painting will look like, because it takes on a life of its own as he manipulates the forms and connects them back to others to create new shapes and patterns. The resulting images, however, are harmonious and somehow convey both lightness and solidity.

American, b. 1959, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, based in Phoenix, Arizona