Marko Kratohvil, ‘Pas de Deux’, 2015, Artspace Warehouse
Marko Kratohvil, ‘Pas de Deux’, 2015, Artspace Warehouse
Marko Kratohvil, ‘Pas de Deux’, 2015, Artspace Warehouse
Marko Kratohvil, ‘Pas de Deux’, 2015, Artspace Warehouse
Marko Kratohvil, ‘Pas de Deux’, 2015, Artspace Warehouse

Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Marko Kratohvil graduated with an MA in sculpture and moved to London in 1991, where he lived and worked for over 25 years. His work includes large scale public art, sculptures, drawings, and design of architectural features. In 2009 he moved to America and now lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

Marko used mixed media on paper to create this one-of-a-kind original artwork measuring 23 inch tall by 35 inch wide. This artwork is not framed. The artwork is signed by the artist on the back. Free local Los Angeles area delivery. $50 shipping within Continental US. Affordable worldwide shipping options available. A certificate of authenticity is included.

Marko Kratohvil describes his sculptures and his works on paper as “two means of expression.” He explains, “Both disciplines are linked by their formal vocabulary: line, form and color. Each work carries notions of space and movement, rhythm and energy, concept and form and aspire to articulate those fields of our experience that remain before or after verbalization. They are about inner landscapes, individual time, architecture of emotions.”

Kratohvil says of his work, “In order to express tensions and subtleties of these abstract notions, I use iron, which carries a complex historical reminiscence, and with its natural color acts in space as a drawing in charcoal does on paper. I express myself in the medium of sculpture because of my natural inclination towards three-dimensional perception and its physicality. It allows me to explore further beyond two dimensional illusions and outside of verbal conventions. Drawings are notes that speak about feelings, emotions or sometimes, simply about rhythm itself. They can be read and seen like a body language. Seeing is in itself a movement.”

Marko’s artwork is held in corporate and private collections worldwide. He has extensively exhibited throughout Europe and the United States.

2016 Mariane Ibrahim Gallery, Seattle
2015 Christian Grevstad Gallery, Seattle, USA
2013 Artspace at Untitled, Oklahoma City, USA
2012 Cohn Drennen Gallery, Dallas, USA
2010 JRB Gallery , Oklahoma City, USA
2009 Libertine , London, UK
2008 Chak Hill Gallery , Guilford, UK
2004 ULUS Gallery, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
1997 The Kelly Gallery, London, UK
1995 Alternative Art Gallery, London, UK
1992 Pro-Art Gallery, London, UK
1991 Kolarac Gallery, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
1990 Most Gallery, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
1989 FLU Gallery, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Standard Life Investment, Dresdner Bank, Backer & McKenze, RPM, Bank of America, String-Tokyo, Israel-Africa , M&S, Earls Estate, Jigsaw, Wilkins &Elkins, Kirkpatrick Bank, Meade Energy

2017 Desert Wind, Desert Crossing Mall, Palm Desert, California
2014 Momentum, Kirkpatrick Bank - Oklahoma City, USA
2013 Fantasy, Private Collectio,n Oklahoma City, USA
2013 Bowl of Hygeia, Board of Pharmacy, Oklahoma City, USA
2009 Guardian, Libertine, London, UK
2009 Take Off, Airport City Business Park - Belgrade
2007 Interaction, Bank of America Headquarters, London
2005 Growth, Bank of America Headquarters, Frankfurt, Germany
2000 Scottish Impressions, Thistle Center, Stirling, Scotland

Signature: This artwork is signed by the artist on the back.

Image rights: SHIPPING: $50 Continental USA

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Belgrade, Yugoslavia, based in Los Angeles, CA, United States

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