Markus Haase, ‘Bleached Ash and Onyx Sconce’, 2014, Todd Merrill Studio
Markus Haase, ‘Bleached Ash and Onyx Sconce’, 2014, Todd Merrill Studio

Markus Haase’s unique, hand-sculpted onyx and bleached ash sconce retains a luminescent quality, even when unlit. Its luster and smooth finish renders the piece to appear sealed in its raw state. Powered by the most advanced LED technology, the sconce emits a perennial glow softly through the stone. Custom dimensionality, as well as other wood and stone options such as alabaster or marble, may be accommodated for a bespoke piece.

Haase’s background as a sculptor for over twenty-five years is evident by the sinuous, elegant sculptural forms inspired by nature and the body. Haase was formally educated and apprenticed as a stone sculptor in Germany. There he developed his eye for organic form and his virtuosity with diverse materials. By day Haase used his sculpting skills to restore centuries-old Gothic cathedrals, and by night he used the same skills to explore contemporary sculptural form. Over the last decade, Haase has worked on the restoration of some of the most important cathedrals in Northern Germany, including St Johannis in Göttingenm, St. Michaelis in Hildesheim, and Beate Mariae Virginis in Wolfenbüttel. These experiences have led him to become one of the most accomplished sculptors working in stone today.

12V D.C. is required for installation of the sconces.

60”H x 10”W x 5.5”D

About Markus Haase

Markus Haase restores the age-old, intricate stonework of Europe’s most revered cathedrals. To his sculptures and furniture, he brings the same mastery and attention to detail employed in his conservation projects. In his breakout series of furniture, Haase seamlessly combines stone and wood in fluid compositions that serve functional ends. Inspired by natural forms found in exotic plant life, Haase’s table legs are intertwined like rainforest vines, and his sconces glow with the dappled light of a forest floor on a sunny day.

German, b. 1972, Hannover, Germany, based in Brooklyn, New York