Marlo Pascual, ‘Untitled’, 2015, Rodolphe Janssen

60 x 23 in and 60 x 33 in

About Marlo Pascual

Using amateur photography found in vintage stores and on Ebay, Marlo Pascual creates images and installations that give photographs a new life as objects removed from the context in which they were taken. Pascual cuts, folds, impales, and situates the enlarged prints in minimalist assemblages that employ props such as large rocks and plants, coat racks, and fluorescent lights. At a 2009 exhibition, Pascual placed the glamour shot of a woman’s legs in Untitled (2009), framed between plates of Plexiglas, at a right angle to the wall, providing the momentary impression of a figure reclining on the ground. Nearby, a small kitchen table supported a print, also untitled, of a topless woman posing suggestively. Facing it was an empty chair, making passing viewers recipients of the woman’s earnest overtures.

American, b. 1972, Nashville, Tennessee, based in Brooklyn, New York