Marlon de Azambuja, ‘Operaciones’, 2017, Rodriguez Gallery

About Marlon de Azambuja

The politics of architecture and urban planning drive Marlon de Azambuja’s photographs, sculptures, and interventions. Interested in the impact of public space on contemporary social dynamics, he uses influential buildings and environments as both subject and substrate. Through augmentation and erasure, he manipulates architectural icons to question their influence. In “Grand Façade,” he covers images of contemporary architectural feats—like Dubai’s Burj Al Arab and Cayan Tower—with black marker to transform them into ominous skeletons of the original structures. In a more adventurous body of work,“Uncovered,” de Azambuja transforms objects he picks up from city streets by wrapping them in colorful duct tape. Benches, trash cans, and street lamps become spontaneous sculptures that address the influence of form on functional spaces.

Brazilian-Spanish, b. 1978, Brazil, based in Madrid, Spain