Mart Visser, 2015, Amstel Gallery

None of Mart Visser his works have titles, every work he makes can ither be a self portrait or an imaginary person the artist has met or will meet in the future. He explains it like this; “For a while I titled each and every art work I created, but I found that to be too demanding. My interpretation is that art is what you make of it, I find it much more interesting to see what the observer sees and how he interpreters the work”
Each work is an original work of art in mixed media. The artist uses cryon, paint, ink, pencil, watercolor paint and other object/materials he finds along his travels around the world.

Signature: verso

2014 Group show Art Southampton Amstel Gallery - USA
2014 Solo show van er Tocht Museum Amstelveen - Netherlands
2015 Group show CONTEXT Art Miami Amstel Gallery - USA
2016 Solo show Kalvertoren Amsterdam - The Netherlands
2016 Solo show Museum het Vrijthof Maastricht - The Netherlands

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