Martha Hughes, ‘Scene 204 - Pool and Cabanas’, 2016, Elisa Contemporary

Martha Hughes lives and works in Marfa, Texas. She received her B.F.A. from the University of Texas, Austin. She has been exhibiting her artwork since 1987 throughout the US including a recent exhibit group show in Santa Fe featuring her work alongside, Chuck Close, Agnes Martin, and Sol LeWitt.

Paintings in the Scenes series are of everyday, prosaic interiors and landscapes, with ambiguous, vertiginous spaces that reflect my sense of never being quite at home in the world. According to Hughes, "The look of this series was initially partly influenced by children’s tempera paintings, which are typically colorful, flat, and simple. I often find inspiration from glossy interior design and architecture magazines, with their strange, carefully staged photographs of impossibly pristine, impossibly beautiful houses, gardens, and pools."

American, b. 1949, based in Marfa, Texas

About Martha Hughes

Inspired by the artwork of children, outsider, and mentally ill artists, Martha Hughes paints grid-based scenes using reductive, geometric blocks of color. Based in Marfa, Texas, the artist frequently depicts unsettling or impossible spaces. Her “Scenes” and “Setups” series, alluring in their ambiguity and bold use of color, reveal the contours of subtly vertiginous interior spaces. Hughes is also interested in the ways objects can convey atmosphere and mood. For example, her “Timelapse” series, which is painted in a reductive, hard-edged style with minimal detail, documents the changing placements of objects and illuminations within a particular setting, such as a kitchen table.

American, b. 1949, based in Marfa, Texas