Martha Wilson, ‘Posturing: Male Impersonator (Butch)’, 1973, P.P.O.W

About Martha Wilson

Questions about identity have underscored the forty-year-long career of Martha Wilson, a feminist performance artist who emerged as part of the nascent downtown New York scene in the 1970s. Wilson often impersonates female figures throughout history in her performances and staged photographs. In her 1974 Portfolio of Models series, the artist dressed up as various female stereotypes—The Goddess, The Lesbian, The Housewife—employing a satiric wit to reveal the role-playing that takes place in everyday life. She founded and continues to direct Franklin Furnace, a non-profit institution based in New York that preserves avant-garde, ephemeral, and political work.

American, b. 1947, Newtown, Pennsylvania, based in New York, New York