Martin Bennett, ‘Static Image Painting/Grey/Starling/Away From The Murmuration/The Stonehenge Parking Lot/Britain’, 2015, Birch Contemporary

Pricing does not include framing. Frame cost: $250.00

Image rights: Courtesy the artist and Birch Contemporary

Martin Bennett: When I Can No Longer Give Air To Fire, solo exhibition at Birch Contemporary, June-July 2016

About Martin Bennett

Martin Bennett is best known for what he has called his “Static Image Paintings” (2000-), which incorporate photography, digital manipulation, and traditional painting techniques, and typically feature flat, geometric planes of various colors. Each work is based on a photograph taken by Bennett during trips to Europe and Canada, which he then digitally reduces into black-and-white renderings and projects onto canvas, ultimately using the image as the basis for a painting. As a final step, Bennett sands down the surface of his painting such that the weave of the canvas becomes visible, creating a layered, textured effect.

Canadian, b. 1970, Winchester, United Kingdom, based in Saskatoon, Canada