Martin Creed, ‘"No.1370, Chicago" #2, Painted LP Cover ’, 2012, VINCE fine arts/ephemera
Martin Creed, ‘"No.1370, Chicago" #2, Painted LP Cover ’, 2012, VINCE fine arts/ephemera

"No.1370, Chicago", 2012
Hand-painted cover artwork for vinyl LP.
12" x 12"in (30.5 x 30.5 cm)
Edition of 200, The work is signed, titled,
dated, and numbered on the reverse.
Excellent condition- the uneven application
of paint is inherent to the work.

This work is a limited signed edition
of 200 hand-painted record sleeves
containing four new songs by the
Turner Prize winner and his band as
part of a year-long residency at the
Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

Signature: Signed and Numbered

Private Collection, NY

About Martin Creed

Merging art and life, Martin Creed uses ordinary materials and everyday situations to create multimedia works that have confounded and delighted viewers and critics for nearly 30 years. He rejects the term “conceptual” and calls himself an “expressionist,” referring to his notion that all art stems from feeling. His works run the gamut from deadpan, minimalist interventions to rapidly rendered, expressionistic portraits. He approaches art making with humor, anxiety, and experimentation, and with the sensibility of a musician and composer, underpinning everything he does with his open ambiguity about what art is. In 2001, he was awarded the Turner Prize for Work No 227: The Lights Going On and Off, which was exactly what its title describes, in an empty gallery. As Creed maintains: “Anything is art that is used as art by people.”

English, b. 1968, Wakefield, United Kingdom, based in London, United Kingdom