Martin Durazo, ‘Rainbow-Robot’, 2016, D2 Art

Image rights: D2 Art

About Martin Durazo

Martin Durazo fuses the visual dynamism of Abstract Expressionism with a contemporary perspective inspired by the creative subcultures of graffiti writing, heavy metal music, and raves. By combining swathes of fluorescent and metallic paint with wide, energetic strokes achieved by using squeegees and trowels instead of paintbrushes, Durazo’s palimpsests reference urban streets, billboards, and clubs layered with a high-low mix of corporate advertisements and DIY posters. Vivid titles for works, like Hot Pants (2012) and Live Wire (2014), emphasize his subcultural inspirations: the fleeting memories that remain after a night punctuated by throbbing bass and flashing strobe lights.

American, b. 1968, Los Angeles, California, based in Los Angeles, Tokyo and Berlin

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