Martin Kremer, ‘Corpse in the Pond’, 2014, Paraphé

About Martin Kremer

“Glass has been a medium of expression for me for more than 30 years,” the versatile artist Martin Kremer once said. “I began as a stained glass enthusiast, but glass art gradually took over, evolving from a hobby to a full-time obsession.” Working with a range of techniques—including hand-blowing and kiln-forming—he molds this ancient material into shaped panels for site-specific installations, sculptures, wall panels, jewelry boxes, lamps, and vessels rich in color and pattern. His inspirations are as varied as his pieces and include the sinuous sculptures of Richard Serra; traditional Japanese architecture, with its exquisitely interlocking parts; and the textures and patterns of Native American textiles. These influences are evident, for example, in Kremer’s flattened, round platters, whose surfaces consist of a riot of individual pieces of colored glass arranged into patterns resembling weavings.


Solo Shows

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