Martin Lewis, ‘Glow of the City.’, 1929., The Old Print Shop, Inc.

Drypoint, 1929. Edition 100, recorded impressions 110.

One of Martin Lewis most famous images, some consider it his finest print. He was awarded the Charles M. Lee Prize for this image in 1930 at the Print Club of Philadelphia’s exhibition.

The Chanin Building can be seen in the background. The Chanin Building was designed by Sloan & Robertson with the assistance of Jacques Delamarre. It is one of the Art Deco marvels in New York City. It was built between 1927 and 1929 and is 56 stories high. It is located on Forty-Second Street and Lexington Avenue cattycorner to the Chrysler Building. The base has black Belgium marble and a bronze frieze depicting scenes of evolution. There is a second frieze, design of angles and leaves, in terra-cotta that runs the height of the building. The top of the building makes it unique and Lewis captured it gracefully in this image.

The steeple center left is St. Gabriel's Church a former Roman Catholic parish church and was located at 310 East 37th Street near Second Avenue. The parish was closed in 1939 to make way for the construction of the Midtown Tunnel linking Manhattan and Queens.

Signature: Signed in pencil, inscribed "imp."

The Prints of Martin Lewis. A Catalogue Raisonne. by Paul McCarron #77.

About Martin Lewis

A master of intaglio, Martin Lewis’s prints are characterized by the interplay of dark and light, evoking a film noir style that radiates an authentic New York City energy. The Australian-born artist spent much of his life in the United States, working as a commercial artist before devoting himself full-time to printmaking. Lewis incorporated elements of impressionism and tonalism, and his drypoint prints and graphite drawings elevate mundane city scenes, capturing both small moments of solitude and bustling crowds. Lewis worked briefly with Edward Hopper and influenced the painter’s cityscapes; although they worked in different mediums, the two shared similar artistic visions and goals. A seminal figure in the graphic arts of the 1930s, Lewis is regarded as one of the best printmakers of the 20th century, but he is largely unknown due to the small production runs of his works.

American, 1881-1962, Victoria, Australia