About Martin Lord

The image of a lonely and alienated character recurs in many of Martin Lord’s drawings, animations, sculptures, and videos. Set amidst opaque and indeterminate landscapes (literally the space of the blank page), his hooded figures gesture helplessly, call out, and even act out in violence. The muted palette, inscrutable juxtapositions of figures and objects that appear to fail them or thwart their usage, and flat representational style are intended as commentaries on the oppressive, overwhelming experience of the individual in the urban environment. Lord’s sculptures expand on these themes, with two-dimensional figures emerging from large sheets of paper in an apparent attempt to free themselves from the page.

Canadian, b. 1974, Montreal, Canada, based in Paris, France

Solo Shows on Artsy

DECOR D'INTERIEUR, solo show Martin Lord, Vanessa Quang Gallery, paris