Martin Schoeller, ‘President Barack Obama’, 2004, CAMERA WORK

About Martin Schoeller

Inspired by the epic documentary photographic projects of his fellow countrymen August Sander and Bernd and Hilla Becher, Martin Schoeller is among the foremost portrait photographers of the 21st century. He is famous for taking stripped-down, tightly framed photographs of everyone from Amazonian tribes people to celebrities of all stripes, musicians, world leaders, female body builders, and artists. As he explains, his approach allows him to get to the heart of his subjects: “[With] the close-up you’re in this fortunate position of always walking away with something where nothing else but the person matters.” Schoeller honed his craft working as an assistant for Annie Liebovitz from 1993 to ’97, and by shooting passersby on New York City’s streets. His images have been an integral part of major publications worldwide since 1998, bringing readers eye-to-eye with people from all walks of life.

German, b. 1968, Munich, Germany, based in New York, New York