Martine Bedin, ‘Cucumber’, 1985, Novalis Contemporary Art

The Cucumber flower vase was designed by Martine Bedin in 1985 for Memphis.
An object not thought for simple use but for a long contemplation, the ceramic vase is a true collector's item. Signed.

About Martine Bedin

Though formally trained in architecture, Rome-based furniture designer Martine Bedin has, for the past 30 years, worked in a smaller scale. Affiliated with The Memphis Group, an Italian design collaborative known for their “post-modern” interiors, Bedin’s aesthetic is typically colorful and self-consciously kitschy. Designed in 1981, Bedin’s “Super Lamp”—cobalt blue, on wheels—remains the piece for which she’s best known. Like her other work, which is similarly geometric and cartoonish, “Super Lamp” is a whimsical take on high design.

French, b. 1957, Bordeaux, France, based in Milan, Italy