Mary Heebner, ‘Silent Faces / Angkor’, 2013, Boreas Fine Art

Publisher: Simplemente Maria Press

About Mary Heebner

Mary Heebner’s mixed-media collages on handmade paper combine references to antiquity with fragments of color and biomorphic forms. Her meticulously built-up images incorporate painting, charcoal, powdered print, rags, earth, and an extremely wide variety of handmade paper—among other materials. The compositions include quotes taken from classical sculpture and placed in fields of color evocative of landscapes. “Fragments, both literal and metaphoric, are also vital to my process. Through a parsing out and weaving together of fragments—of histories, stories, objects—people fashion narratives that are personal, collective, cultural, mythic.” Heebner believes her process of fragmentation and juxtaposition mirrors the way in which people construct and interpret realities.

American, b. 1951, Los Angeles, California