Mary Lum, ‘Incident 1072’, 2011, Yancey Richardson Gallery

About Mary Lum

Mary Lum captures the essence of modern life—with its tangle of man and machine, urban topographies, and continual stream of words and images—in her intricately composed collages, installations, and conceptually playful photographs. She is particularly interested in the overlooked details of cities and consumer products, which she discovers, isolates, and recombines in her works. As she explains: “A big part of my work, in both words and images, is the juxtaposition of disparate parts, so that new meanings can be constructed from the simple, ordinary, familiar, or mundane.” In her collages and wall drawings, for example, Lum combines comic book images, her own photographs of interstitial and marginal sites in places like Paris and New York, and painted passages, to create semi-abstract vistas that show the city itself to be a collage composed of ever-shifting parts.

American, b. 1951, St. Cloud, Minnesota, based in North Adams, Massachusetts