Mary Mattingly, ‘The Damned (Titian, again)’, 2013, Robert Mann Gallery

Available in a limited edition of 5, with 2 Artist Proofs.

Image rights: © Mary Mattingly, courtesy Robert Mann Gallery

About Mary Mattingly

Through photography, sculpture, installation, and performance, Mary Mattingly imagines a dire post-apocalyptic future. In Mattingly’s imagination, humans are forced to live nomadically, scavenging the wreckage of civilization and living by their wits. She imagines (and sometimes develops) unique transportation solutions for her subjects, such as the Personal Flight Machine (2007) and Kart (2008), a shelter built on a bike In 2008, she also created the Waterpod™, an alternative living model that consisted of a movable, floating barge that could adapt to changing sea levels.

American, b. 1978, Rockville, Connecticut, based in New York, New York