Massimiliano Locatelli, ‘CAI BAN table’, 2012, Nilufar Gallery

About Massimiliano Locatelli

Massimiliano Locatelli once confessed that his aim as an architect is to “make people’s dreams come true.” After studying architecture in Milan and Dublin, Locatelli moved to New York to complete his Ph.D. at Columbia University; by age 25, Locatelli had founded his own architecture firm, CLS Architetti. Although based in Milan and New York, Locatelli travels the world (visiting design capitals like Rome, Paris, Dubai, Moscow, and London) for his design projects, which include private homes, showrooms, concept stores, restorations of classic monuments, and architectural planning, among other ventures. As a product designer, Locatelli creates both “made-to-measure” furniture for smaller projects in addition to designs for manufacturers, including tables, chairs, dishes, and blankets. No matter the project, Locatelli’s designs are distinguished by their combination of traditional elements with modern materials and techniques.


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