Massimo Agostinelli, ‘Now I Won’, 2014, HG Contemporary

Edition 1/8

About Massimo Agostinelli

Based in London and Zurich, the American-Italian artist Massimo Agostinelli creates work that juxtaposes familiar cultural symbols with heightened colors. Best known for his 2014 series “Palindromes,” Agostinelli works with both image and text, typically layering wordplays over images. The artist takes emblematic visuals from Western history, such as the moon landing of 1967, the Mona Lisa, and photographs of celebrities, and places them on acrylic mirrors. The viewer then sees his or her own image reflected through a visual idiom that belongs to humanity as a whole. Although the images embody a cultural language, the colorful text acts a universalizing agent, highlighting the significance of each image.

American-Italian, b. 1987