Massimo Bartolini, ‘Left page, Right page’, Galería Bacelos

About Massimo Bartolini

In his multimedia works, Massimo Bartolini manipulates light, sound, smell, and architecture to create disorienting experiences. He is interested in experimenting with expectations, relativity, and assumptions of what is fixed versus in flux; these themes become metaphors for imagination, memory, nostalgia, and obsession. Bartolini has worked with a wide range of mediums, including sculpture, photography, and performance, but is perhaps best known for his immersive installations. These poly-sensory experiences are intended to bring the viewers into states of heightened awareness or meditation. In his works, Bartolini has worked with perfumes, the sound of leaking water, tilted floors, and devices attached to the heels of visitors that alter the light of the exhibition.

Italian, b. 1962, Cecina, Italy

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