Mat Chivers, ‘Eye’, 2016, PM/AM

Base: 1.2 x 1.2 m x 20 cm

‘Eye’ was made as a response to Stanley Kubrick’s enigmatic masterpiece ‘2001 : A Space Odyssey’. Kubrick was a formidable chess player, and something of the players particular grasp of order and chaos is evident in his take on the human condition explored in his films. There is a strong relationship between the acts of making reductive sculpture and editing film, in both, material is removed to form something with meaning

Drawing from this notion of editing so central to Kubrick’s art, the form of the sculpture is derived from a ten second sequence edited from ‘2001’, digitally captured from the moment when Bowman enters the ‘Star Gate’ and the camera focuses on his eye staring out, head contorted in his helmet, unable to comprehend the reality that he is experiencing, unable to look away

Using a process of digital manipulation and a sequencing algorithm, the imagery was translated into a three dimensional form. The longest dimension in the sculpture corresponds to the passage of time in the the ten second excerpt of film. This digital data was cut into a solid block made of alternately black and white sections of marble using a robotic milling machine, then finished by hand

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