Mateo López, ‘Reglas’, 2012, Casas Riegner

About Mateo López

Mateo López draws the viewer in with visual expressions of anecdotes and experiences. His narratives, autobiographical and fictional alike, unfold through drawings and objects meant to spark associations. For instance, a paper-cut diorama of a workshop in a shoebox tells the story of a Colombian shoemaker finding success in Mexico (Sleeping Box, 2007). His work often blurs the distinction between artistic production and presentation and includes a performative element, for instance setting up a working studio inside a gallery (Inside and In Between, 2006) or outfitting his Vespa with a portable studio for a journey across Colombia and exhibiting his journal entries, sketches, and photographs along the way (Motorcycle Diaries, 2007). One critic noted that Lopez’s investigation of ‘truth’ “allows us to examine the internal reality of objects.”

Colombian, b. 1978, Bogota, Colombia, based in Bogota, Colombia