Matheus Rocha Pitta, ‘Estela #01 (pilhas) / (batteries)’, 2012, Progetti

About Matheus Rocha Pitta

Inspired, in his words, by “works that are not directed,” Matheus Rocha Pitta produces photographs, videos, and mixed-media sculptures and installations, in which he explores how perception and context shape our understanding of the world. Citing Hélio Oiticica, Robert Smithson, history, and philosophy as influences, he prefers working outside of the studio, in direct response to his surroundings. De- and re-contextualization are key to his practice. In his “BO” series (2010), for example, he photographed various consumer items—like roles of toilet paper and canned tomatoes—each of which is sliced open to reveal what appears to be contraband hidden inside, effectively converting these innocuous objects into secret containers. In his more recent videos, Rocha Pitta has been investigating national borders, revealing the arbitrariness and tenuousness of these lines in the dirt, at once so definite and abstract.

Brazilian, b. 1980, Tiradentes, Brazil, based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazi

Solo Shows

Rio de Janeiro,
Matheus Rocha Pitta: The Kingdom of Heaven