Mathias Goeritz, ‘Rey Salomón’, S/F, Galeria Oscar Roman

About Mathias Goeritz

A critical figure in the development of modern art in postwar Latin America, Mathias Goeritz developed the principle of “emotional architecture.” The unique perspective considers spaces and objects that are produced to elicit empathy and celebrates collaboration rather than functionalism and individual authorship. After emigrating to Mexico from Spain in 1949, Goeritz opened the Museo Experimental El Eco. The institution served as the embodiment of these principles, facilitating collaboration and expanding upon existing notions of patronage. Best known for large-scale, totemic sculptures like Moses and Heads, Goeritz worked in a style that prefigured Minimalism by 10 years. With its elongated, angular, rising and falling form, Goeritz’s sculpture La Serpiente de El Eco (The Serpent of the Echo) best embodies his artistic style.

Mexican, 1915-1990, Gdansk, Poland, based in Mexico City, Mexico