Mathieu Gaudet, ‘Pa(ï)sage B1144’, 2012, Galerie Roger Bellemare et Christian Lambert

Pa(ï)sage an ongoing series of works—variously long horizontal slices of strata-like wooden beams set at eye level, some even circumventing an entire space—in appearance are much like slices of fine layer cake, capped by means of a carved undulating surface, giving the wood its visceral, fluid, almost viscous quality under a surface coat of paint. Communicating a maliability that certainly goes against the structured grain, the material itself is now imbued with this plastic sensibility. The colour is efficient in two ways, communicating forcefully the clash of registers between the cognizance of the wood and the perceptual effect initiated through the shaped faux surfaces. Here lies the precise tension in these works. Whether chrome, black, blue or burnt orange, in each case the colour proficiently communicates a totally distinct sensory response—simply put the magic inherent in these works. Trevor Gould.

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