Matías Armendaris, ‘Hand map V’, 2016, SKETCH

The work exists as part of a larger body of work titled ´Manual de Autoayuda´(manual of self-help) where the metaphor of reflexology is used to talk about possibilities of multiple identification or belonging with territories through a specific point of contact (point of reflexion, as it is conceived under reflexology practices). In this sense, the hand is a recurrent motif in the project to suggest touch and healing; it speaks about the relationship between a map and its territory in the same way in which the hand is a map for our internal body ecosystem. The map inside the hand contains a re-figuration of the lines of the hand drawn as rivers evoking landscape and the iconography that inhabits this landscape are elements of ritual, containment and healing process.

Series: Variable Editions

Image rights: SKETCH | Matias Armendaris

Manufacturer: Matias Armendaris



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