Matías Armendaris, ‘Mapa de sol I’, 2017, SKETCH

Through hybrid objects and parafiction documents and artifacts of historicized past/present the work intends to expand the paradigm of belonging, hoping to generate an affective space on plural identity. My work consists of a series of sculptures that part from a drawing practice as a tool to generate a structure of signs and symbols. The objects echo artifacts of anthropology, archeology and geology as means of historization. a way to present a possibility to make rigid histories into malleable spaces for fiction creation aim to provide a refiguration of power dynamics, binary opposites, and the multiple structures that support contemporary culture. The intention of this work is to expand the territory for a broader cultural identification through a process of intersection between opposites. An attempt to find a way to dynamize thing-human relationships with objects from the past or a suggested past as a way to heal historical distancing, social trauma or collective wounds.

Image rights: SKETCH | Matías Armendaris

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