Matías Duville, ‘Zoom out’, 2016, Revolver Galería

About Matías Duville

Equally in tune with nature and his vivid imagination, Matias Duville bases his experimental practice around drawing. His depictions of the landscape are anything but traditional—swirling and semi-abstract, full of tortured and scrawled lines, they are based as much on the subjective experience of nature and imagined views of far-off lands as they are on the real world. Duville’s most recent project, “Alaska”, is a series of drawings done in three stages: the first depicting Alaska based entirely on his imaginings of the state; the second done from life while traveling the actual landscape in an RV; the last back in the studio, combining his lived experiences with his own visualizations. “I was trying to find the end of landscape as a genre of imagemaking by working with places not on the map, that are ruled and governed by their own natural laws,” he said. Duville began his career working in smaller-format landscapes on atypical supports; he studied with famed Argentinian Conceptualist Jorge Macchi.

Argentinian, b. 1974, Buenos Aires, Argentina, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina