Matt Mullican, ‘Living With That Person’, 2010, Maharam
Matt Mullican, ‘Living With That Person’, 2010, Maharam

Incorporating hypnosis into his work to become an ageless, genderless figure, Matt Mullican juxtaposes the impulsive and the visceral with the systematic and the intellectual in Living With That Person.

Series: Maharam Digital Projects

Image rights: © 2010 Matt Mullican, Maharam under license

About Matt Mullican

Using his subconscious as material, Matt Mullican often creates his artworks before an audience while under hypnosis, resulting in a unique hybrid of performance art and drawing. Part schematic, part cosmological chart, Mullican’s ordered, symmetrical works belie an enormously ambitious artistic aim, to contain and make sense of the universe. Characterized by rough geometric patterns and the artist’s elongated, looping script, Mullican’s spontaneous diagrams and writings on walls and canvas offer free access to the artist’s psyche.

American, b. 1951, Santa Monica, California, based in New York, NY; Berlin, Germany